We are pleased to see that you are now becoming a member of the faculty of the Izmir Institute of Technology. We hope that you will enjoy being here.

As the Personnel Department we ask you to complete some forms in this web site. We have tried to make this process as easy as possible so that you will not tire of completing forms.

You will need to sign up for this web site to be eligible to use it. After signing up, you will first need to answer 75 questions. It should take roughly 45-55 minutes to complete all 75 questions. Your answers to these questions will be automatically entered into several different forms required by our central government’s Office of Higher Education. The information you submit on the web site will be password protected and will be kept confidential within the IYTE Rector's office.

There are different menu items on this site. On the upper left part of this page you will see the REPORTS menu, which will help you obtain print outs of forms PF-1 to PF-6. You will need to take print outs of forms PF-1 to PF-6, sign them, and send them to the postal address below. You will see that some forms will be half-filled, the blank part to be completed by personnel office of İYTE. If you do not wish to use “snail mail” you may scan signed copies of the forms and e-mail them to

If you have any further questions about the use of this web site please call Ms. Ayla Yemenicioğlu +90 (232) 750-6123 or send your question(s) to

Thank you.

(To complete the form without problems, you must use Firefox Browser because of the support our report tool)

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